Aims of the Project

The aim of this partnership is:

  • to strengthen existing partnerships and to etablish new ones
  • develop Inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • promote friendships
  • stimulate the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of invclusion
  • to give citizens of the towns the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in different areas is determined to be the topic of this Cooperation

There are going to be meetings with all international partners to exchange ideas, knowhow and practical experience in the field of these themes.


The aim of the project:

  • Acceptance of all members of society
  • To include persons with disabilities means to enrich the society
  • All the partners involved consider inclusion of persons with disabilities
  • To be one of the major responsibilities and aim of both political and social actions
  • we plan to have festivities on the 5th and 9th of May actively embed european policy into our partnership network and its activities
  • sustainibly connect the two smaller networks into a bigger one to intensify our cooperation in the field of inclusion
  • the network aims to create a sustainable connection between the partners, target groups, clubs and citizens
  • by including target groups into this project we can reach a higher quality