4. Netzworkmeeting in Laxa - Inclusion in Education and Art

 06. May 2015


Arrival of the delegations


Official start and greeting performed by Bo Rudolfsson , Chairman of the Municipal Executive Board and Harry Lundin, Executive Director of the Municipality

Music performed by Laxå Brass Band and Micke & Ronny

Presentation of the participants and the network programme

Dinner at Bowlinghallen


07. May2015


 Presentation: The Swedish School system – Ronny Johansson

Robotmemo at Centralskolan -A unique method, drilling the capacity of your brain (working memory). You meet teachers and pupils practicing the method

Study visit at Alléskolan, which is an upper secondary school for pupils living in the south part of our region. You meet pupils with disabilities and their teachers in various educational situations/ We also visit the aniAra Culture Room, which offers activities to people with all kind of disabilities. The line of argument is a burning interest for renewing creation. Here, you get a chance to increase your self-confidence and you may get an opportunity to work as a trainee in a workplace.


08. May 2015


Visit the church of Laxa

Casselgården – Konference:

  • Presentation of all Partners about inclusion in education

Heidrun, Zolt och Mike prepare for workshops in a basement room at Casslegården

There is a musicroom, suitable for preparing the musicprogramme

Workshops and preparations for the vernissage Exhibition in premises in the city, even during the City Night

City Night in Laxå Centrum:

  • Opening ceremony
  • Exhibitions and activities
  • Market stands
  • Beertent
  • Music Entertainment (The Anuska Choir, etc)
  • Parcour Activities
  • Eating services
  • “City Food´” for the delegations.

 9.May 2015


Ågrena riding school the school makes it possible for people with disabilities to ride a horse. A special ramp is built for that purpos  Production of litter (the material you put on the floor in stables).

Lunch at Tiveden School – “Tractor Soup” served in a special vessel, used when you live out-door

  •   ”Art in a circle” A walk in a circle in the woods. You can enjoy the fresh air and an exhibition at the same time.
  • Fagertärn- a lake, worldfamous for it´s red water lilies

A Farewell -Dinner at Casselgården with Local musicians and Entertainment (A Swedish mix, exposing Swedish humor)

A farewell speech - The Municipality of Laxå hands over the baton to Loures



10. May 2015


Departure of all delegations