3nd Network meeting “In-Town“ : 24th to 28th of september 2014 in Nagymaros/Hungary



Arrival of the delegation


6.30 pm         Dinner at the Matyas Dining Room




10 am             Official start and greeting performed by

the mayor of Nagymaros.

Presentation of the sports associations and participants,

experts an experiences in the filed of inclusion and sports

Place: SIGIL Gallery /Nagymaros, Váci road 21./


12 pm             Lunch at the Maros Restaurant

 /Nagymaros, Béla király prom 1./


1.30 pm         Basket-ball game presentation

                        Place: Gymn hall


2.30 pm         Pottery presentation in groups  

Task manager: Nagy Zsolt

                        Presentation of Nagymaros Social Institution

/Nagymaros Vasút street 15./

Presentation of Mosoly child Welfare Institution

/Nagymaros, Rákóczi street 14./

Visit in small group


4.30 pm         Sightseeing Nagymaros and free program


7 pm               Dinner at the Matyas Dining Room

                        Place: Magyar street 24.




9 am               Departure to Vác


9.30 am         Presentation Chazar András Development School

                        /Vác, Március 15 square/


11 am             If you have time to look around the city of Vác


1 pm               Lunch break at the Chazar András School


2 pm               Swimming presentation

                        Place Vác Swimming Pool /Ady Endre prom 16./


3.30 pm         Sightseeing with tourist guide


5.30 pm         Departure to Nagymaros


6 pm               Dinner at the Maros Restaurant


8 pm               Wine tasting, music with Danube Bend Brass Band

and Men Choir of Nagymaros



9 am- 3 pm   Hungarian Horse Day

                        Horse and riding shows

                        Hungarian traditional sport presentation and sport eventuality


12.30 am       Traditional Hungarian lunch break


3.45 pm         Shipping on the Donube

                        Departure 4 pm on harbor


4 pm               Svabian’s Beer Festival


7 pm               Signature of contract cooperation treaty


7.30 pm         Dinner on Maros Restaurant

                        / Nagymaros, Béla király prom 1./




Departure of all delegations