The entire network is based on the idea to sensitize the general public on the project topic and possible to initiate, substantial and sustainable connections between the target groups and stakeholders in the partner cities. Hence the partnership from the outset tried all target groups, stakeholders and key players currently active and in the project planning Implementation is to involve the integration of many different organizations , government agencies , associations and citizens.


In Laxa the programs range from support for the severely disabled and their families, through the provision of a personal assistant or a qualified guides for coping with everyday life, or the exercise of recreational activities to towards the care of children and young people during the lessons.


Nagymaros supports and maintains many organizations whose objective is to better inclusion of disabled people, to are service centers that support families with disabled people in everyday situations, as well as intensive Cooperation with church and private Disabled Care Centers.


Grevesmühlen implements a variety of activities and projects successfully lived inclusion of the disabled; medium term, the city will seek the implementation of the UN CRPD at the local level.


Ahrensbök has a longstanding commitment to proactively for the inclusion of disabled citizens , especially when Disabled renovation of public buildings and inclusive places tender procedure

Loures has an information and placement services for disabled people , with whom one of the city council in 2008 Action plan to implement the full participation of all citizens in society and to improve the social Signed inclusion of people with disabilities; , this action plan is updated annually.


Grzmiaca already participating in the project "Development and promoting active inclusion of people with Disabilities in part, the instruments and easures for the integration of disabled people into society and Professional life developed and implemented.