5. Networkmeeting in Loures - Inclusion in Music

26 – 27.October 2015


Arrival of all Delegations

Sightseeing in Lisbon

Welcome dinner for all delegations – Restaurante Tarro


 28. October 2015


Visit public art gallery - Quinta do Mocho

Visit schools

Music rehearsals, orchestra and choir practise - Casa da Cultura de Sacavém


29.October 2015



  • Opening – Mayor of Loures – Dr. Bernardino Soares andCouncillor – Dra. Maria Eugénia Coelho
  • Follow-up of the Project IN-town
  • What is the project aiming at?
  • In what way do we inform and give feedback to the local board and citizens?
  • What happens when the project is closed?
  • Where are we now in our efforts to change the world?
  • Examples of successful experiences, which we can communicate in our home countries



  • Inclusion in Work – Maria Coelho
  • Inclusion and Sports – Gesloures
  • Inclusion in Education – School Director Inclusion
  • Inclusion and Music – Conservatório de Artes de Loures

Visit Cercipóvoa

Dinner Festivities in Restaurante Almirante


30. October


Preparations for the inclusive concert


Rehearsals and setting up the info stands - Casa da Cultura de Sacavém


Visit Gesloures


Concert "European Inclusive Concert" – in the church of Loures



This concerts aim is to show the possibilities of persons with disabilities in the field of music. Furthermore we aim to show the importance of music for intercultural cooperation. In the context of the concert we sing the song together: “We are the world” from Band Aight


Farewell Dinner




31. October 2015


Departure of all delegations