6. Networkmeeting in Grevesmühlen - Final Meeting

13. January 2016


Get together Dinner


14. January 2016


Welcome speech performed by the mayor Jürgen Ditz


Workshops: "Joint work on Inclusion in the future" and "future twin city cooperation"


Presentation of the results and composing a treaty on future cooperation


We aim to set up future fields of cooperation on the topic of inclusion and we would like to write them down in a cooperation treaty which shall be officially signed.


Some initial work on the subject has already been talked about within the last network meetings and we’d like to make some definite plans about our target groups, time schedules and to set up workgroups to realise future cooperation.


With this we want to assure that our cooperation will be continued after the formal end of the project.


Visitation of the job-education section of the ‚Diakonie‘


Sightseeing in Rostock and “Dinner in the Dark‘in restaurant Plan B in Rostock


15. January 2016


The last day will be used to prepare the final project report. We like to clarify the the financial issues as well as the content and tasks connected to the report.


Official festivities for the end of the project

  •  musical presentation performed by Holger & Geritt
  • start of the official festivities
  • Public welcome speech by the mayor Jürgen Ditz
  • Presentation of the project by Dorina and David
  • Presentations by all the project partners about the project’s results
  • sign of the future cooperation treaty on transnational cooperation
  • film Presentation about the In-Town Project
  • concert with the inclusive band ‚ABM’
  • Get together dinner
  • music and dance with ‚ABM‘


 16. January


Sightseeing tour Hamburg


Exhibition ‚Silent dialogue‘and Blind dialogue - we will share you into tree groups


Farewell dinner in the restaurant ‚Am Tannenberg‘


Presentation by Benny Andersson about his journey trough Europe von Grevesmühlen to Loures




17. January




Departure of all delegations