2.Networkmeeting in Grevesmühlen - Lived Inclusion in Europe

07. May 2014

 Arrival of all Delegation and Welcome Dinner


8. May 2014

 Official start and greeting performed by the 2nd mayor of Grevesmühlen Kristine Lenschow

Presentations of the partners, experts and experiences in the field of inclusion

Presentation of the program in detail and we set up groups for the workshops:

  • Workshop I - Group 1 is going to plan and prepare the next meeting in autum in Nagymaros, Hungary
  • Workshop II - Group 2 is going to visit an inclusive school with the opportunity to discuss and chat with teachers, students and social workers
  • Workshop I & II – Visitation of a working facility for persons with handicap in Grevesmühlen
  • Workshop II – Visitation of a working facility for persons with handicap in Upahl

There is the opportunity to chat with the people involved in these facilities

  •  Preparation for the “City Night”
  • · Barbeque and get-together

 09. May 2014 "European Day"


Vernissage and Visiting of the exibition "Children of the World"

Sightseeing in the City of Schwerin

We visit the Parliament of the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Castle of Schwerin

Dinner and festivities for the holiday of Europe


10. May 2014 “City Night”


Preparation of the market stands and the stations for the “Europe Parcours”

4 pm – 10 pm - “City Night”

Meet and chat with interested citizen

Official program of the “City Night”:

  • Program for children under the topic “Vikings” and European Market
  • stage program with songs and performances
  • “Europe-Parcours” onsisting of 8 stations; including one station for each country with tasks and questions, inclusive teams consisting of 2 persons per country plus 2 from Grevesmühlen and one person with a handicap
  • meanwhile we are going to have a short presentation of all the partners on stage
  • all teams reach the finish line following an award ceremony
  • Live music with “Bollis Pop Orchestra”, “ABM” and more Music with DJ Mario
  • "Night Painting" with Zolt and Heidrun

 11. May 2014


 Departure of all delegations